Month: July 2016

Club Coaching Session – Summer

Message from Steve Turner:

For those of you that don’t know, I am one of a few Badminton England Level 2 coaches in the club. I have experience with county coaching (ran U13 and U15 county teams for a number of years) and I coach a number of Warwickshire junior players on a one on one basis.

After a number of requests for a coaching session for club members I am planning to run a couple of coaching sessions over the summer break if there is enough interest.

The session(s) would be 2 hours long, probably on a Tuesday night and hopefully at Bilton School. I would look to include the following:

  • Practice of basic shots and advice where needed
  • Doubles serving and return practice and advice on how to serve, the rules of serve and how to receive serve
  • Doubles tactics, doubles positioning, working with your partner

I will also open it up to requests for any other topics submitted in advance.

If you would be interested in attending any of the sessions please contact me directly or indirectly through Rosemary or Andy Lees with some suggested dates between the last summer session and the first session in the new season and I will arrange the sessions and advise on costs.

I won’t be at club night on the 12th July, but will be there the week after so feel free to come and have a chat.

Feathers night – Tuesday 5th July

This Tuesday we will be trialling feather shuttlecocks at the club.

At the AGM there was a proposal to introduce feathers at the club, and as a first stage of this it was agreed these would be trialled and then the membership can vote on their preferred approach for next season.

Feather shuttles are generally a better option in terms of play, but they are more expensive. For a more detailed explanation see this article.

It would be great if we can get as many members as possible to try out and also to vote.

The comittee will be asking the club to choose between:

  1. The club will play with only feather shuttles. New shuttles will be used for matches, good knock-ups or new shuttles (where needed) will be used for club nights. This will raise the club fees by approximately £30 a year for all members.
  1. Only teams 1 and 2 in both leagues will use feather shuttles for matches. Feathers will be made available at club night for team practise. This will raise match fees for the affected teams by approximately £2 per player.
  1. No change – continue using yellow mavis 300 plastic shuttles. Club fees will remain unchanged.