Covid-19 Policy

Hunters Badminton Club Rugby Covid-19 Policy

Effective from 10 September 2020 until further notice


In line with guidance from the UK government, Badminton England and the venue (Harris Sports Centre), the club has established this Covid-19 policy to keep members safe while still enjoying badminton.

We ask that all members review this policy. If you have any questions, please contact a committee member.

  • Track and Trace: Booking is mandatory for club nights
  • Social Distancing: Remain in your bubble and keep socially distanced
  • Equipment: Avoid unnecessary contact
  • Hygiene: Use hand sanitiser
  • Stay Alert: Observe signage at the venue
  • Report Symptoms: If you become unwell, let a committee member know

Track and Trace

Until further notice we will require club members wishing to attend club night to book each session using the online form at least 24 hours in advance. These details will be retained for at least 21 days following each session. You must ensure the club has your up-to-date contact details.

Social Distancing

Players will be allocated to a court group for the full session and you should remain within that group for each session. If court space allows, singles can be played between any players.

Avoid physical contact with all players, including your partner. Do not shake hands, elbow-bump, high-five or other similar contact.

To avoid unnecessary contact with others, you should arrive at the venue no earlier than five minutes before the club sessions starts and vacate promptly at the end of the session.


The duty committee member will be responsible for set up and tear down of equipment. Please avoid unnecessary contact with the equipment (posts / nets / equipment box etc.).


Hand sanitiser is provided by the venue, but you should also bring your own. Please wash hands/use hand sanitiser on arrival, before handling any equipment, after using the toilet, or after sneezing or coughing.

Stay Alert

The venue will have signage and guidance posted prominently. Please take the time to familiarise yourself with these and following the guidance provided.

Report Symptoms

If you become unwell with Covid-19 symptoms during the 14 days following any session, please report this to a committee member immediately. If you do not have contact details of any committee member, use  the online form at


The Covid-19 officer for the club is the current chairman.

At least one committee member will always be present at club night.

The current committee members are listed at

Inter-club activities

The leagues are currently suspended, and no inter-club activities are planned. When these events return, the guidance will be updated.


The club wants members to return to Badminton safely, enjoy the game and reduce risks to health as much as possible. We trust our members wish to do the same and hope these straightforward measures can be followed without issue. If you observe unsafe behaviour, please inform the duty committee member. The club and the venue reserve the right to exclude members for non-compliance.