League: Coventry Mens Division 4 2017/18

Hunters Cov 2 vs Nuneaton 2

After a wasted trip to Cov Unit last week, the team were well up for their first Cov League match of 2018. Visiting today was Nuneaton 2. We had taken a very close match last time, the final 6-3 scoreline not really doing justice to how

With three courts available, we were looking to get underway quickly, however Nuneaton only had 5 players to start with, so the first pairings of Mark Currie / Jonny George and Andy Dunn / JP Rougeolle went out, both winning 21-14 in the first game. Things didn’t go entirely our way when both pairings then lost the next game, so each went to a decider. In the end it was evens with Andy and JP taking their game narrowly, and Mark and Jonny losing out.

With the final Nuneaton player still missing, David Pugh and Simon Piercy played their game out of sequence against Nuneaton’s first pair, this time winning more comfortably in 2 games.

By this time the final player had arrived, and allowed their game against Mark and Jonny to go ahead, but this resulted in another Nuneaton rubber, again in 3 games. David and Simon have a straighforward 21-6 21-6 win in their next match, and Andy and JP losing in another 3-gamer.

At 3-3 in rubbers it was all starting to look a little close. David and Simon took their final game to nudge ahead in rubbers; Mark and Jonny needed 3 games to secure their win and the match, with Andy and JP winning their final game in 3 as well to give an overall 6-3 win to Hunters.


Hunters Cov 2 vs AT7 2

The third of three home games in quick succession saw Hunters 2 host AT7 2 at Rugby High School.

It was clear this was going to be a more challenging encounter with some strong opposition who were playing in the league above last season. Pairings this week are Mark Currie/Andy Dunn, David Pugh/Tom Marsh, Simon Piercy/Jonny George.

The opening rubbers put us on the back foot, with both Mark/Andy and David/Tom failing to win. Simon and Jonny had an easier run against the AT7 thirds, so we were behind 1-2 at this point. The trend continued in the next three with Hunters only winning against the match between Mark/Andy and the AT7 third pair.

At 2-4 things were looking dire, but an improvement in fortunes saw Simon and Jonny take a win to provide a grain of hope at 3-4. Despite David and Tom winning the final game, the AT7 2nd pair were just a little too strong for us on the night and we couldn’t convert that all important deciding leg.

Match score win for AT7 2 4-5.