League: Mens Division 2 2016/7

Hunters 3 vs Avon

The Hunters 3rd team started their 2016/17 season with a win that meant they became top of the table as they played Avon in the 2nd Division of the Rugby League.

The first pair, Mark Currie and Andy Dunn initially played 2 games. Their first game didn’t go so well as they lost after taking the Avon team first pair to 3 rubbers. However, this was the only time Avon were in front. Mark and Andy took the second game in two straight rubbers.

The second pair consisted of Mark Taylor and Isaac Porter. In their opening game they played Avon’s second team and won in two rubbers, Hunters were 2-1 up. The second pair then beat the first Avon pair in two rubbers. Making the score 3-1 Hunters. This meant that a draw was guaranteed and one more win would win the match.

And sure enough this was Hunters’ day.

Isaac and Mark Currie then teamed up and won the first rubber while Mark Taylor and Andy Dunn did the same. Mark T and Andy won their game which just left the other Mark and Isaac. They won the next rubber in a tight 2-clear point game. But a brilliant flick serve from Mark won them the match. Making the end score 5-1 Hunters!

A winning start to the season!

No doughnuts required by this team!