League: Mens Division 2 2017/8

Trinity 2 vs Hunters 3

After getting walloped by Trinity 1 a couple of weeks ago, we thought we would do better against Trinty 2. We were wrong.

Trinity 1 vs Hunters 3

After getting hammerd by Trinity 1 last time, we we’re hoping for better on this occasion.

The match started well with Simon Piercy and David Pugh taking the first game. Jonny George and JP Rougeolle were the other pairing but found it tough going, and it was downhill after the initial blip as we struggled against much stronger opposition.

Before long we were 6-0 behind. With the games over quickly we went to the pub which was the highlight of the evening.

Hopefully we will do better against Trinity 2 in 2 weeks time.

Hunters 3 vs Trinity 1

A tough gig against Trinity’s first team wasn’t helped by some inconsistent play, not least from the captain.

Simon Piercy paired with David Pugh and Pan Dhokia partnered Mark Taylor.

Space prevents me from putting all the scores on but we did have a couple of 20-22 near misses. But Trinity were just too strong and Hunters 3 had no answer. Hopefully we can do better against their seconds later in the season.

Match score Hunter 3rd 0 Trinity 1st 6.


St Philips 3 vs Hunters 3

A new season brings old adversaries as Hunters 3 take on their opposites at St Philips in this away match at the Collingwood Centre.

With St Philips missing a player to start with, Simon Piercy and Jonny George get the match underway, while long-time pairings Mark Taylor and Simon Davies wait patiently for the opposition to arrive.

By the time the second rubber is underway, Simon P and Jonny are already a game up, and cruising towards a win in the second. Mark and Simon D faced a tougher challenge, ultimately needing three very long games before clinching the win in a nail-biter for both teams.

With Mark and Simon D worn out after their initial encounter, they couldn’t convert their next match. Meanwhile Simon P and Jonny took advantage of their oppositions similar tiredness with an easy win – the second game a bruising 21-2.

With a scoreline of 3-1 in Hunters favour going into this split, just one rubber was needed for a win on the night. Thankfully both Hunters pairings won in 2 games securing a good opening win of 5-1 to Hunters 3.