2016/17 Season – Message from Andy Lees

I know it seems early to be asking about intentions for the next season but there are potential changes for which we need to get everyone’s views; specifically, it was agreed at the AGM in June that there would be a vote on what shuttles we would use next year.


The latest situation regarding venues is that enquiries were made with Bilton regarding the use of the Sports Centre for the Thurs night club night but they have confirmed that this is not possible so the arrangements will be as they were last year; i.e. Tuesday night at Bilton for matches with free courts available for club play when not required for matches and Thursday night at Ashlawn school for club nights.


Following the Rugby AGM, it has been confirmed that the second and third teams will remain where they are; in the first and second divisions respectively. The 4th team will drop back into the 3rd division.


In the Coventry league, we will continue to field two teams but are keen to enable as many players who are interested in playing in those teams.


Shuttles ballot


Following discussion at the club AGM it was agreed to hold a club night played solely with feather shuttles and the members would then be able to vote on how the club should proceed. The club night happened on the 5th July 2016 and the options for the vote are below.


Please select your preferred option:

1.       The club continues to play with plastic shuttles

2.       The club moves completely over to feather shuttles – this would increase the yearly fees for each member by £30

3.       Teams 1 and 2 in each league (Rugby and Coventry) will play with feather shuttles at home games – this would increase the match fees for each player in those teams by £2 per match

Each member of the club is entitled to one vote and the vote should be given with a response to this email.


Along with your vote, could you please confirm your intention to play at the club next year and your interest in playing in any of the teams for the next season? If you are replying for a number of family members, could you please provide the information and vote for each member so we capture everyone’s views?


Finally, could I ask for replies by Aug 22nd so we can make arrangements in time for the start of the new term which will start on Sept 6th at Bilton High School.


{For those who are interested in playing over the summer, Steve has organised some courts at Bilton tomorrow night starting at 7pm – cost depends on numbers attending. Also, Phil’s sessions at the QDJ Leisure Centre will continue on Fridays at 7:20pm}.


Andy Lees (Hunters club secretary)

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