Hunters 3 vs Hunters 4


Hunters 3612Won
Hunters 401Lost


What was looking likely to be a lads versus Dads match with the Watkins, Francis and Toms families lining up against each other was thrown into chaos when late injuries ruled out Dan Watkin and Simon Davies but a quick reorganization and a late call up for Dan Nutt allowed the match to continue. While Dan Nutt and Nat Toms made Mark Taylor and Dan Bunker sweat a little Hunters 3 proved too strong and won all the initial rubbers. Changing of pairings and Martin Toms and the excellent Dan Nutt pushed Mark Taylor and Dave Watkin to a deciding game before succumbing while Ian Francis showed family gets no mercy with he and Dan Bunker comfortably beating Luke Francis and Nat Toms


Date Time League Season
15/09/2015 19:00 Mens Division 2 2015/6 2015/6 Season


Bilton School
Bilton School, Lawford Ln, Rugby CV22 7JT

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