Jubilee 3 vs Hunters Cov 1


Jubilee 3511Won
Hunters Cov 146Lost


New promoted Hunters 1st team (Coventry League) started the season with an away fixture at Jubilee St Augustines 3rd team. The first pairing of Michal Helis and Aseem Shama fought a close first match, narrowly losing both games 21-19, while second pair Shahid Mirza and Phil Pelton comfortably took their first match. Third pair Lee Rickard and Simon Piercy scored admirably in their first match, but couldn’t defeat Jubilee’s third pair, who proved the strongest pairing on the night.

Michal and Aseem won their second match, but the next three games all went to Jubilee, before Shahid and Phil won in the 8th, and Simon and Lee won in the final 9th match.

Overall a close match with Jubilee winning 5-4 on the night. A promising start to the season with all three pairings winning at least one match.


Date Time League Season
29/09/2015 20:00 Coventry Mens Division 3 2015/16 2015/6 Season


St Augustines
St Augustines, Heathcote Road, off Foster Road, CV6 3BL

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