Hunters 1 vs Hunters 2


Hunters 15Won
Hunters 21Lost


Hunters 1 report

The first team turned up early (minus 1 – of course!), confident and ready for a battle with the Team’s Chief Snack Co-ordinator, Tactical Advisor and Physio (A.K.A. Fiona) equipped with doughnuts to keep us sustained for the onslaught.

The first pair of Steve Turner and Michal Helis took on Simon Piercy and Ishtiak Jamil (arguably a last minute ringer!) who after a hard fought three gamer lost out to the sharp smashing Jamil and courageous serving Simon (private joke).

After watching the celebrations from the second team camp following the major upset from the first rubber; Steve and Michal then took on the pair of David Pugh and Lee Rickard who also proved difficult to shift in another amazing three gamer. A mention should be made to David who ran round like a terrier picking stuff up. The only way we could stop him getting the shots back was to smash the shuttle in the net! Which we seemed to do a lot of!!! But the passionate COME ON’s from Steve helped the 1st team to a VERY narrow victory.

Jeremy and Phil showed no mercy with both the second team pairs; doing their stuff as they have proved on multiple occasions. Taking on the helpful teachings from the remains of a GCSE PE Badminton lesson on the white board. They earned their doughnuts – and possible a GCSE in Badminton!

Then came the split. Phil and Steve took on Simon and Lee who after a strong fight, fell to the first team pair. Despite the lack of a high serve as demanded by the prophecy on the white board!

Jeremy and Michal then took on the Ankle Biter and the Ringer in the second split rubber. This also proved fruitful for the first team.

When the battle was done Hunters 1 took the match 5-1. The war continues…..

Hunters 2 report

The usual season openers pitched Hunters 1 v Hunters 2, giving the first division teams a chance to loosen their arms against “friendly” opposition. Looking to improve on the 6-0 result from last season, Hunters 2 were always going to face some tough games against their first team counterparts.

Most of the games went to form, with the notable exception of Simon Piercy and Ishtiak Jamil taking a rubber for the 2nds against Steve Turner and Michael Helis. An overall result of 5-1 to the first team seemed a fair results on the night.


Date Time League Season
27/09/2016 19:30 Mens Division 1 2016/7 2016/7 Season


Bilton School
Bilton School, Lawford Ln, Rugby CV22 7JT

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