Hunters Cov 1 vs David Lloyd 2


Hunters Cov 12Lost
David Lloyd 27Won


The Coventry 1st Team were given a harsh welcome to the Coventry Mens 2nd Division following promotion last year.

Following team struggles on both sides the match finally got underway and was played in great spirit.

Steve and Aseem seemed to struggle all night with keeping the shuttle in the court and over the net. More practice required… However, managed to keep just enough over and in to take David Lloyd’s first pair to a three game rubber, but fell a little short.

Shahid and Phil were a little slow on the up take but managed to take a rubber against the David Lloyd 3rd pair. Not without a little controversy with confusion over a frame shot!

Jeremy and Isaac were up to their old tricks combining acrobatics and Badminton. Both diving for the same shot at one point! After a full on three game rubber they secured another win for the team over the David Lloyd 1st pair.

Now all the cob webs have been knocked off it is very much a case of onwards and upwards. We now know the standard and have to become competitive at this new level. All of the opposition pairs were beatable and we look forward to the return match away at the end of the season.

David Lloyd Coventry BC won the match 7 – 2.


Date Time League Season
03/10/2017 19:30 Coventry Mens Division 2 2017/18 2017/18 Season


Rugby High School
Longrood Rd, Rugby CV22 7RE

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