July Social – Picnic (Cancelled)

Please come along to our next social event….

Badminton Club Picnic & Rounders

1-6pm on Sunday 16th July at Cawston Play Area

(the green area next to the play area)

Everyone and their families and friends are welcome.

We are hosting an afternoon of fun with a picnic and games of rounders.

It would be great if people can bring a picnic dish to share of either Chinese or Italian cuisine, style. If you let me know what you would like to bring, Alex and I are happy to co-ordinate to make sure we have a good mix of savoury and sweet foods.

You will need to bring some blankets, chairs, drinks, plates, cutlery etc … usual things including some other games if you or your kids do not fancy the rounders….

Small picnic tables would be handy for serving the food if you have them please…

Please feel free to catch me or Alex at badminton to ask any questions, get more information.

It would be great fun to have as many people there as possible ….