RDBA Presentation Night – Cancelled

Message from Mark Hope, RDBA.

Hi All,

Do you all remember as far back as the 21st February, (I know it might be difficult for some of you older ones !) when we had badminton players coming out of our ears, all wanting to play in THAT tournament.

Well, we managed to get 56 people playing badminton that day, and if we assume that all of those players know somebody, we have the potential for an RDBA presentation night.

On that note, the DUNCHURCH Social Club is booked for Friday July 1st from 7pm onwards for our presentation night. We could, if you like, have some Skittles (not sweets), some Pool (not swimming) and some Darts and some Food (not sweets again) and maybe a Quiz too.

There are trophies to be presented to worthy winners and maybe some spot prizes for non worthy winners.

How about it then. We got the Tournament going again, with everyone promising to play the next one, now, lets get our presentation night going again and keep it going.

I really would like numbers and names (you’ve all done that before with the tournament, so you know how it works).

I guess the cost will be around £8 per head.

To start the process, we have confirmed so far (we need a minimum of 50 to make it worthwhile)

Mark Hope

Tracey Hope

Please add your name to the list and send it back to me. I will send out revised figures as and when we get increases in numbers.

Come on RDBA, lets have some fun.



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